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Littlewood Dyers Services

G.J. Littlewood & Son, Inc. is a commission raw stock dye house specializing in atmospheric dyeing of natural fibers, i.e., wool and other animal hair, cotton, rayon, acrylics, modacrylics and nylon. We also specialize in high temperature/ high pressure dyeing of all types of polyester. Established in 1869, it has been our ongoing commitment to bring the latest innovative technology to our customers.

Littlewood’s is experienced with many types of dyeing, both traditional and experimental. Throughout our extensive history, we have crafted the art of dyeing and finishing in many various industries. We have serviced clients in the carpet industry, apparel trade, pile fabrics industry, hosiery mills, sweater trade, upholstery/ drapery trade, household furnishings trade, industrial non-woven applications media, filtration industry as well as numerous non-textile related industries.

We have recently developed a Nano Technology Antimicrobial Application on synthetic and natural fibers. This new technology is now available on natural and synthetic fibers. The effectiveness of Nano Technology Antimicrobial application intimately blended with other high performance fibers, all being domestically produced, enables manufacturers to produce high-performance and environmentally responsible products for personal protection gear and military apparel.

Our state-of-the art machinery enables us to dye lot sizes ranging from 50 lbs. to 2,000 lbs., as well as any size in between. Regardless of lot size, our customers always receive the same quality, attention and prompt response. Whatever your dyeing needs, G. J. Littlewood & Son, Inc. will match your shade, meet your deadline and guarantee your satisfaction!


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