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RawStock Fiber Dying Process

Raw stock dyeing is about taking a bale of fiber in natural fiber form with specific deniers and  cut lengths to the dyeing process. The fiber  is then broken up by hand or by auto loader into a dyeing machine . After the  raw  stock dyeing process is completed it is removed from the dyeing vessel  by an internal carrier holding the fiber and then  delivered  on to a  mobile skid carrier or into a holding truck with wheels .These carriers are then taken to the drying line  areas in which the next process occurs.

The fiber is now dyed, soaking wet and needs to be extracted  and re- opened.

Water is extracted from the fiber and is constantly being re- opened in this process .

Once this process is complete the dried /opened fiber goes to re-baling in order to send to the next  phase of textile processing.

The  next step in the textile process can either be targeted to spinning ,felting, or non woven fabrications as displayed on the Littlewood Web Site.