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America’s Navy


In the world today, America’s Navy is a necessary force and uncommon opportunity. There, to protect our country and to deter threats around the globe. There, to provide a challenging and rewarding future for those aspiring to pursue a bigger mission in life. There, as a source of lifelong pride for those who ultimately call themselves Sailors – and as an inspiration to all they serve.


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Zady, based in New York, sells clothing, household items, jewelry and office supplies from companies that the founders have researched for ethical practices and whose stories they share on the site.

The two women this year created their own clothing label, starting with a wool knit sweater, and they chose Littlewood to dye the fiber. Ms. Darabi was visiting Philadelphia to learn more about the manufacturer’s story.

“We are making it entirely in the U.S.,” Ms. Bédat says of the sweater. “And by make we mean source and make, from the sheep farm in Oregon to the wash house, dye house, processing and knitting. Along the way we’ve met some amazing characters. They really tell the story of the history of the country.”

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Needle Felting Supplies


Felt Alive Needle Felting Shop is brought to you by needle felted doll artist / instructor, Kay Petal of Felt Alive Wool Sculptures. Together with her husband, Ethan, they produce video tutorials, make Super-Duper Felting Needles, fill orders and design and maintain the various online sites that keep it all together. Although a lifelong Alaskan, Kay and her Felt Alive crew can be found enjoying life in sunny southern Oregon.

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http://safespec.nomex.com Nomex® Brand Fiber Provides Lightweight, Heat and Flame-Resistant Solutions

When you think of Nomex®, you probably think of firefighter apparel. But the inherent protection of Nomex® is relied on by people and processes in a wide range of applications around the world.

Philadelphia 76ers


When the Philadelphia 76ers decided they needed a new mascot, they knew it had to be ‘FOR KIDS, BY KIDS.’ And so they created a kids-only Chief Design Team to lead the way and find their new mascot.