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Littlewood Dyers

Generations of Dyeing Excellence

G.J. Littlewood & Son, Inc. is a commission raw stock dye house specializing in atmospheric dyeing of natural fibers, i.e., wool and other animal hair, cotton, rayon, acrylics, modacrylics and nylon. We also specialize in high temperature/ high pressure dyeing of all types of polyester. Established in 1869, it has been our ongoing commitment to bring the latest innovative technology to our customers.


Littlewoods is experienced with many types of dyeing, both traditional and experimental. Throughout our extensive history, we have crafted the art of dyeing and finishing in many various industries. We have serviced clients in the carpet industry, apparel trade, pile fabrics industry, hosiery mills, sweater trade, upholstery/ drapery trade, household furnishings trade, industrial non-woven applications media, filtration industry as well as numerous non-textile related industries.

Mission Statement

G. J. Littlewood & Son, Inc. will celebrate 150 years in the American textile industry in 2019. We are in business today because the family management has consistently produced good quality dyeing plus recognized and reacted to industry changes quickly throughout the many decades we have existed. We realize that by being a commission dyeing company, our strategies must maximize the value we provide to our customers.

Our mission statement is simple and follows the strategies laid down by previous generations. Our primary focus will be to offer the highest quality dyeing to our customers in a timely manner. Then we will continue to maintain strong technical relationships with our suppliers to keep our technical knowledge updated. We will maintain our current contacts and develop new relationships with the innovative technicians of the fiber, dyestuff, additive and chemical finish segments of our industry so that we can develop processes for raw stock dyeing applications to multiple fiber types. These industry relationships and our dyeing expertise will result in new and innovative products for our customers.

We recognize that “speed to market” with new product development has become a significant objective for the textile industry. Therefore, we will offer our customers a new selection of services which allows you to place large order quantities at competitive pricing, but also smaller size quantities to optimize your flexibility in meeting market needs. The option you now have to order smaller lot sizes will enable you to control new program start up inventory costs. Our dye house is also capable of providing small quantity lots for R & D trials to help you with your product development needs.
G. J. Littlewood & Son, Inc.’s goal is to create customer partnerships that will result in long term relationships well into the future. We have come a long way since 1869 and plan to be here for generations to come. We couldn’t be prouder!


Please talk to us to find out more about our capabilities and how we can fit into your business.

5 Generations of Littlewoods